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 Sphere Making Machines

This is taking a rock and making a sphere (three dimensional ball) out of it.

You start by taking your rock and cutting out a perfect cube. Then you cut off all the corners, and then you cut off all the corners again. (That’s 32 cuts so far). Then you grind it so it is fairly rounded. Then you place it is a sphere machine. This is a machine with 2 or 3 cups that you place your rock between and they grind against the rock to create a sphere. You go through several stages from coarse to polish and after a few days of attended work, you have created a sphere.  If you thought cab making was fun, try making spheres.  This is the next step up into the wonderful world of Lapidary.  Watch as these beautiful spheres take shape in front of your eyes.  


Covington 383

New 3 Headed Sphere Machine. Model Number 383
Three 1/6 Hp, heavy duty gear motors, Available in 110v 60hz or 220v 50hz.


  • 156 RPM with 60 in-lbs torque, 220v 50hz model 130 Rpm.
  • Each motor is independently mounted on swivel base.
  • Stands 36" high with water tower and grit feed.
  • Large spin handles for quick adjustments.
  • Heavy steel frame and guides for years of use.
  • Easy to use for beginners and experts alike.
  • Makes beautiful spheres from 2 1/2" to 10" in size.

When ordering specify model number 383TSM.

Call for shipping information on this item.

3 Headed Sphere Machine

Model 383TSM



Shipping Weight 255 Lb.

Shipped by Common Carrier



Covington 381

Large Sphere Machine

  • Dual 1/3 hp. 110v motors.
  • Automatic Grit application with slurry bowl.
  • Spring loaded cutting heads.
  • Cutting angle adjustment.
  • Shielded arbor shafts and bearings.
  • Large metal cabinet with shelf.
  • Makes beautiful spheres from 1 1/4" to 9" in size.

When ordering specify model number 381LSM.

Call for shipping information on this item. 

Large Sphere Machine

Model 381LSM



Shipping Weight 200 Lb.

Shipped by Common Carrier



                                 Covington 382

Little Sphere Maker

Make Beautiful Gemstone Spheres, 1/4 to 1 Inch in Size

  • Automatic Little Sphere maker Features:
  • Dual 1/18 HP, 110V motors
  • Automatic grit application
  • Spring loaded cutting heads
  • cutting angle adjustment


The downward slanted cutter cups and shafts run the sphere in a bath of grit. This eliminates the need to constantly dab grit on a with a brush. It also causes the grit slurry to run away from the bearing. The angle of the cutting cups can be increased as the rough corners of the sphere grind off. Both heads are spring loaded, so continuous adjustment is unnecessary. Unit comes complete with the above features, 1 grit pan, instruction, guarantee and one pair of 1/4", 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" cups.

Machines size: 16"L x 8"W x 8"H. 

When ordering specify model number 382LSM.


Little Sphere Machine

Model 382LSM



Shipping Weight 30 Lb.



Extra Cups for Model #382

When ordering specify size of cup and for model number 382SSM. 

Sphere Accessories

Extra Pair ¼” Cup

Shipping Weight 1 Lb.


For Models

Extra Pair 3/8” Cup

Shipping Weight 1 Lb.



Extra Pair 5/8” Cup

Shipping Weight 1 Lb.



Extra Pair 7/8” Cup

Shipping Weight 1 Lb.



Extra Cups for Models #381 and 383

When ordering specify size of cup and model number being used for. 

Sphere Accessories

Cutter Cups

Cuts Spheres

Shipping Weight / 2

Cost For Two

Shipping Weight / 3

Cost For Three


Extra 1” Cup

1 ¼ - 2

3 Lb.


4 Lb.



Extra 1 3/8” Cup

2 - 3

4 Lb.


5 Lb.



Extra 2 3/8” Cup

3 - 5

5 Lb.


9 Lb.



Extra 3 3/8” Cup

5 - 7

9 Lb.


13 Lb.



Extra 4 3/8” Cup

7 - 9

9 Lb.


16 Lb.



  Color/Grit Cost Shipping Weight
4" Sintered Red 140/50 grit $113.00 2 Lbs
4" Sintered Green 100/120 grit $113.00 2 Lbs
4" Sintered Yellow 180/200 grit $113.00 2 Lbs
4" Resin Bond Black 100 grit $54.00 2 Lbs.
4" Resin Bond Purple 220 grit $54.00 2 Lbs.
4" Resin Bond Brown 320 grit $54.00 2 Lbs.
4" Resin Bond Red 600 grit $54.00 2 Lbs.
4" Resin Bond Blue 1200 grit $54.00 2 Lbs.

Bead Making


If you are into doing beads, then this machine is for you.   Select the material and colors you want and go for it.

Covington 1039 and 1040                    

5” Bead Mill

The #1040 is the same basic unit as the #1039, except that it comes with a two-speed motor. The two-speed mill operates at 380 and 250 RPM. The fast speed is best suited for finishing beads after initial grind.  The slower speed also reduces the abrasive action and should be used when milling softer materials such as malachite, rhodochrosite, and turquoise. These materials require light head pressure and finer abrasive grit.  

Preforming of Beads: It is necessary to cut the gemstone material into cubes, slightly larger than the desired size. Accuracy in cutting the cubes so they are uniform in size will hasten grinding. Complete the preforming process by grinding off all corners and sharp edges until the cube is a rough sphere.


Milling: The preforms are placed in the cast aluminum 5" diameter bead chamber with a 50/50 mixture of silicon carbide and water. The 4 1/2" diameter x 1/2" aluminum head has a 3/8" recessed ring in the ceiling. Milling action is achieved by rotating the chamber with the location of the beads controlled by the milling head.


Procedures: It is necessary for the operator to develop his own procedure by making test runs and keeping records of gemstone hardness, silicon carbide grit size and milling time. Remember, soft materials require light mill head pressure and finer abrasive grit.


Caution: The mill is not recommended for gemstone material softer than 5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This is because the bead mill is a very aggressive machine.


Load: You can grind twenty 1/2" beads at one milling.


Cleaning: Chamber and head can be quickly removed for easy cleaning.


Polishing: Beads must be polished in a gem tumbler.

When ordering specify model number. 

Bead Making Machine

Model 1039BM



Shipping Weight 75 Lb.

Single Speed


Bead Making Machine

Model 1040BM



Shipping Weight 75 Lb.

2 Speed


 Covington Bead Vise                    

Nugget and Bead Vise

Bead Vise: With 3” diameter X 5/8” deep aluminum tank and vise as shown.  Holds beads up to ¾” for drilling.

Putty Vise: Has the same aluminum tank, 1” square block of plastic putty and ¼” brass ferrule.  Plastic putty holds the work piece and brass ferrule can act as a dam to hold grit or water when drilling.

When ordering specify model number and name.


Bead Vise

Model NBV618

Shipping Weight 1 Lb.


Nugget Vise

Model PPV627

Shipping Weight 1 Lb.


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